Where I am:
I'm currently living in Coffs Harbour NSW, having just finished my honours year at the local university. My results were First Class Honours, and I also received the University Medal for 2004.

Where I've been:
I've spent most of my life working with computers and related fields. I started my working life as a chemical engineering trainee, then moved on to studying computing and maths teaching at university. From here I spent some time teaching computer literacy and studying intermittently in programming and related fields.

What I'm doing:
I have just finished my honours degree in Multimedia (2004). My topic was in the area of Computer Supported Cooperative Work - specifically pair computing. I am now lecturing at the university, and working parttime doing contract multimedia development.

Where I'm going:
I intend to continue working in the field of multimedia, and I am particularly interested in multimedia software development, animation, website development, teaching/training and creativity through computing.

About Me