Photoshop Interface 1

Photoshop Interface
Photoshop was used to create this interface, which could display text, sound, graphics and video. It is probably not very practical, but was an opportunity to be creative.

The criteria for this interface meant that many controls had to be integrated into a 3D interface. I chose to 'hide' the controls under slide-back sections to give a minimalist effect. Help is given by the top question mark button.

In this detail, the video controls are exposed, and a sample screenshot is in the central screen. Each section has an "open" state, as well as off/on states for the buttons and controls.

Alpha channels were used to produce the 3D effect, with lighting effects and blurring. The actual interface is approximately 600 x 600 pixels (opened).


Interface 1
Interface 2
Blade Runner
Bird in Glass
Splash Screen